Villa Amarisa - Romantic candle light dinner


Villa Amarisa - Sumptuous delicacies

A private chef prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner which includes Thai and western dishes, catering to special dietary requests wherever possible.

Like everything else at Amarisa, dining is a lavish affair as well. Guests can choose from a priced menu with a wide selection of Thai favourites, international comfort food and fine cuisine like a Grilled Seafood Platter or a Crystal Tray with champagne and caviar served on an Instagram-friendly sleek transparent tray.

Catering to the elite and the well-heeled, the menu also includes a Bikini Ready section, with healthy but sumptuous delights, as well as extensive vegetarian selections. Children will love the Kids Menu, with items titled such as ‘I wanna go play’ and ‘I’m not hungry’, phrases well understood by parents of picky eaters.

The chef is also more than happy to adapt meals to accommodate any special dietary requirements.

Try a few authentic local Thai dishes during your stay. Some of our favourites are Massaman Curry - a creamy slow-cooked dark gravy with fresh coconut milk, roasted peanuts and tender chicken or beef; and Goong Makham - fragrant, sweet, tangy Asian-style tamarind shrimps. We also love the Southern Food Dining Experience, an extravagant family-style Thai meal for six people.

To ensure the team has time to shop and prepare the meals, it helps if meals are planned the evening before.

Villa Amarisa - Private chef
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